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Learn from the best in the world and train specific exercises with your soccer idols.


Compete against the whole world and upload your skills to win nice prizes.


The normal training is not enough? Bring your skills to another level with the beastmode.


with our new holistic trainings method.

and be a superstar on the pitch.

01 Technique

02 Fitness

03 body

04 mental

05 health

06 behaviour


4 square meter space, a ball and your dedication to improve your skills

In order to create the best trainings experience we charge monthly or yearly ( with a discount) for our services.

Currently we produced 300+ videos and audio content. But this is just the beginning

We have video and audio content for our 6 categories.

 It all depends on your dedication. If you stick to our trainings plan you will see improvements of your general skill level.

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