The simplicity and effectiveness of this app will definitely make it a big contender in the sports app world.

Football 3.0 is a mobile app football training program that has been developed by Munich Football Technologies GmbH.

The step-by-step football training course has been meticulously designed to complement a regular football training program.
It incorporates the proven philosophy of Munich Football Technologies to significantly improve a player and make him a better footballer.

With incentives such as awards and trophies for your achievements, this app will keep all footballers up to date. developed by Munich Football Technologies GmBH.

The problem


99% of football players worldwide don’t have access to new innovative training methods or professional coaching teams


There are more than 1000 running-, yoga-, meditation- or fitness-apps available, but no apps for football players


Players like Cristiano Ronaldo report that they practice MIND and BODY again and again off the pitch

Our purpose

football 3.0 - a holistic training principle APP

Our purpose is to help all football players to improve their skills by providing elite level training and knowledge

Why training with the football 3.0 program really works

Train for just 15 minutes a day at home additonally to your regular team training.

You will learn skills and techniques related to the
game. Each session includes a unique 6-ring exercise
program which allows you to train at home, in order to
bring your individual football training into a real match
situation. – One program does not fit all …

thanks to our algorithm
→ It’s designed to best fit your learning abilities.

Mental training in football

Technology, tactics, condition: Three areas
that are indispensable in football. Equally
important is the psyche, because the „head
thing“ decides about victory or defeat.

How coaches prepare their players with mental
training for the important game:

We’ll teach you everything you need to know
about mental training. The app suggests areas
of mental training and how to best apply them
to stay mentally fit and avoid blockades on the

Nutrition for footballers

The composition of the footballer nutrition
is crucial for the training success.

Athletes have increased energy requirement,
which depend on the sport, the duration and
intensity of the training. Professional footballers
usually have their own diet plan.

Football 3.0 will show you what professionals
look for in their diet and how to improve your

Football tactics & Game without ball

Having a brilliant eye on the creative
midfielder who can undermine the entire
opposing defense – with a pass – is the
prerequisite for the right game without a

In order to be successful in football, regular
tactics training is important. To be in control, it
is always necessary to practice new game

If a match plan does not work, there should
always be an alternative to complete the game

What people say

Since my training with the app, a lot has changed in my life. I'm starting to turn off again during the workout and actually manage to focus only on myself. What convinced me so much about the app is the perfect mix of exercises on the ball, challenging fitness exercises, coordinative thinking, yoga and then even meditation. If you do not find what you are looking for with this app, nobody can help you anymore. I can only recommend it.

- Pratheek
A few weeks ago I was rather the 12./13. Man in the team and came in when the game was already 13: 0 decided. Then I started the extra step beside the training and to improve myself. That's how I came across Football 3.0 and was immediately on fire. With only 90 minutes of work next to the course, I won my regular place.

- Efe
Before Football 3.0, I often did not find it easy to properly perform in pressure situations. Meanwhile, it works much better. I mainly use the mindset features of the app but of course all other areas to be perfectly positioned. All in all my psyche has just gotten a lot stronger with the daily mindset training and now I even dare to shoot the penalty in the last second. My coach even thinks about giving me the bandage soon. I will never stop using this app. Thank you!

- Josh


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